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Welcome to the future of new technology and innovative solutions. Generate green energy, develop electric cars and use nanotechnology … our revolutionary inventions with more than 20 patents are ready for you.

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Andromeda. The power of the invention.

During the last 15 years, based on the revolutionary ideas of our engineers, founders of Andromeda Holding (AH) started this investment trip. The very beginning was made by 4 research teams. Today, Andromeda Holding has 8 engineering teams and preparations for setting up another 3 new research teams are in progress.

For all teams Andromeda Holding provided very modern laboratories, equipment, materials and is financing their full engagement. What is neded to be emphasized is that, at present time, AH has over 90 top engineers, of which 6 academics, 38 doctors of science. All previous investments were made from private sources and at present Andromeda Holding does not have any debts, on any basis.

The result of investment and knowledge of engineering teams, was awarded with 200 gold, global medals. The greatest satisfaction and additional incentive for success, Andromeda Holding got from the Royal Academy United Nations, which recognized hard work and bright vision. From them, Andromeda Holding received the Golden Globe for the greatest achievements in the field of environmental protection and improvement of human health, which was officially handed over to CEO of Andromeda Holding on 1st of July 2019. Additionaly, Andromeda Holding was elected for a Member of Honor of the Royal Academy of United Nations.

Currently, Andromeda Holding has over 20 patents (from which over 300 new products will be created).
Innovations will be put on the market very quickly, in order for all people to enjoy the benefits of Andromeda Holding work.

Due to the complexity of the activities that our laboratory managers are dealing with, Andromeda Holding team is ready to welcome you and your professional engineers, to host your dellegation in one of our laboratories, also to show you some of achievements and products in a specific function.
Each of AH products is new, innovative and epochal, very revolutionary and has no competition in the global market. Andromeda strives changing electrical future in the whole world.

Welcome to the future!

Andromeda Electric Cars

Increase the autonomy and scope of the electric car.

Electric cars has 4 new solutions. Our first solution: every existing electro car, after a short technological correction, will get twice as much autonomy and the possibility of crossing double kilometers.

Second solution refers To our new Andromeda Black Box innovation, Which gives each car an additional autonomy and an additional 200km. Innovation does not burden the weight of the car, it is mobile, so it can be accommodated anywhere.

Third solution consists of a technological innovation, which guarantee the crossing over 1000 km, without charging batteries.

The fourth solution is made up of a completely new concept of drives and technology which which will provide the transition over 2000 km, autonomously, without charging the battery.

We are currently working on the implementation of our first two technological solutions, in our new electric cars, after which we would like to see two technologies on many different brands of electric cars and hybrids in the world.

andromeda electric car
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Andromeda Electric Shock Absorber

Our revolutionary neutralizer.

Andromeda Electric Shock Apsorber is an innovation whose device is installed between the measuring point and the fuse of installation. It completely eliminates the fatal effect of electrical energy.

At the same time, all electrical devices work continuously at a voltage of 230 – 280V, 50Hz. Our revolutionary neutralizer is not limited by strength and its durability is 30 years. It has a very wide range of global applications. Currently we are developing devices for application on larger subjects.

andromeda electro shock absorber
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Andromeda Electro AgGregate

Electric energy 24/7.

This is an innovation that produces electricity, without any energy, completely autonomous, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

We developed several different models of aggregates, different power – 1/2/5/10/20 kV, and successfully completed the three-year testing. The header works completely silent and has a constant voltage of 230V and 50Hz. It initially uses the battery energy, after which the innovation produces new electricity for consumers, and a smaller portion of the energy is returned to the battery, so the battery for itself is never empty. The present plan is the production of new aggregates with even higher quality nano materials, in the larger forces – 10/20/50/100 kV, 200 and 500 kV. Another solution for the electric power plant, to produce new energy, which takes the initial electrical energy from the network, in power of 15 kV, and then, passing through our innovation, has an output power of 150 kV.

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Andromeda Electric Charger

Charging electric cars 24/7.

Andromeda Electric Charger is a stationary installation, which provides 24 hours, 7 days  a week, 365 days  a year, autonomous electrical energy, for charging electric cars.

Our revolutionary solution takes the initial energy from solar panels, after which our innovation is storing energy in the new revolutionary Andromeda electrical energy storage, and in that way, in sufficient quantities provides electricity for fast filling of electro cars. We are currently working on the development of the Andromeda electro station, which will have 15 kV of solar energy for the input, from which it will be able to power, with a fast DC charger, 10 cars at the same time.

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Andromeda Electro Saving
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Save 30-50% of electric energy.

Andromeda Energy Saving is revolutionary solution which can save 30-50% of electric energy and this innovation is applicable to inductive and omni consumers. Andromeda Energy Saving is not limited by power.

Andromeda Energy Saving for Motors
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Save 50-70% of electric energy.

Andromeda Energy Saving for Motors is an innovation which can apply to all electric-asynchronous engines, of any power. This revolutionary solution saves 50-70% of electric energy.

Andromeda Water Pump

Autonomous water supply for the fields.

Andromeda Water Pump is the new solution, which is in the form of an electro station, and is installed in the field on arable land.

The station gets the initial energy through solar panels, after which the water pump continuously has an autonomous electric energy, in order to do its job, to supply all the soils with water. We are currently working on the autonomous Andromeda station, which will provide electrical energy for smaller pumps, 30 and 60 liters per second.

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Andromeda Light 1
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Andromeda Lightning 1 is our new innovative solution, which takes the initial energy through a small, solar panel, after which, our innovation in the next 24 hours, provides constant energy for the public lighting, completely free of charge.

Andromeda Light 2
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Andromeda Lightning 2 is revolutionary solution which takes initial energy from the city network for an entire hour, then our innovation gives a constant electrical energy for the next 24 hours.